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CGG Veritas - Global Provider of Geophysical Services and Equipment

CGG Veritas - Global Provider of Geophysical Services and Equipment

Since 2007 A.M.P have worked for CGG Veritas on two of their numerous offices. The projects A.M.P have undertaken are at Crawley and Redhill.

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23/11/2018 10:58:47
New 18th edition wiring regulations
The new 18th edition wiring regulations are now in the system. BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations will be issued on 2nd July 2018 and is intended to come into effect on 1st January 2019. All A.M.P Electrical Engineers are doing the City & Guilds 18th Edition Full Course.

Services and Projects

CGG Veritas - Global Provider of Geophysical Services and Equipment

CGG Veritas Office ImageCGG Veritas is the world’s leading international pure-play geophysical company delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment, to it’s broad base of customers mainly throughout the global oil and gas industry.

Since 2007 A.M.P have worked for CGG Veritas on two of their offices. The projects A.M.P have undertaken are at Crawley and Redhill;

CGG Veritas – Crawley Office   

A.M.P were involved in the installation of a large commercial refit of offices, the works involved the;

  • Installation of intelligent lighting systems to all main office areas
  • Installation of self test emergency lighting system
  • The installation of a new restaurant with feature lighting
  • The installation of a new kitchen capable of catering for 400 employees at meal times
  • The installation of all new dedicated power supplies to all IT equipment
  • The installation of power supplies to al new air conditioning systems
  • The installation of Sub mains to all new distribution boards
  • The installation of New mains distribution panel
  • The installation of metering equipment to all areas of the site
  • Installation of the data requirements using CAT5E cable back to patch panels and cabinets
  • Installation of disabled alarms systems


CGG Lighting ExampleThe installation comprised of modular light fittings complete with built in PIR detectors and lux level meters, these fittings were also net worked to the rest of the light fittings on each open plan floor.
The lighting system has the capability of being programmed to allow for zonal switching and dimming and for individual dimming and switching. This ability enabling the client to make vast savings on energy, in some cases up to 50% savings compared with standard switch start modular lights.

Self test emergency lighting system

The lighting system throughout contained an intelligent digital self contained emergency battery condition monitoring system. This system automatically carries out checks on the emergency lighting system on a second by second basis reporting back to the central station any faults on battery condition. The system will also carry out the pre requisite duration test throughout the year providing the client with a printed report of the tests and also a windows bases report of the faults. The system can also be linked to the BMS to enable ‘real-time’ viewing of the system and its condition in the form of pictograms.


Restaurant ExampleIn the restaurant the client required a high quality feel to the location, this was achieved with the use of high quality light fittings and imaginative lighting layout. A mixture of various types of lighting was used, this included discharge lights, LED lights and also incandescent lights.
The use of high end second fix equipment and other electrical products on show completed the look of the overall scheme.


The kitchen required again a very high end installation, the ability to have capacity to move various types of heavy load equipment around being fundamental in the design of the kitchen and thus the design of the electrical system.

Dedicated power supplies

Dedicated power suppliesThe small power supplies to the open area offices were dedicated supplies, each desk being feed via an independent ‘spider box’. Each spider box contained 8 no sub circuits which each in turn feed a power block under the work station. Contained within the spider box was the capacity to run 32 No data radials circuits to the under desk modules, all of these sub circuits were contained within a 50mm flexible conduit with an excess of 3 meters  allowed under the suspended floor to facilitate future desk moves. The flexible conduits terminated into floor grommets which were neatly hidden under the end users desks.

Power supplies to air conditioning

Due to the overall power requirements of the client an additional supply was required. The new supply was dedicated to feed the new air conditioning systems to the office areas as well as the new kitchen and restaurant areas. This new supply was feed via a HV transformer and allowed an additional 3500amps per phase of potential load.

The installation was fully identified as a separate electrical system by means of colour coding; the trunking and conduits were banded and painted orange to denote ‘supply B’.

Installation of Sub Mains

Sub MainsThe installation of SWA cables from mains panel ‘A’ and ‘B’ was carried out using a mixture of heavy gauge return flange cable tray and galvanised ladder rack. These methods of containment were installed in various ways including fixed direct to the fabric of the building and suspended from the buildings structural steelwork via threaded rods and patented fixing systems.

The entire SWA sub mains were installed either cleated to or cable tied to the tray of ladder rack inclusive of the circuits CPC overlay.

Installation of Main Panel

Due to the load requirements of the client a new supply was deemed necessary, to facilitate this, a new 3500amp per phase from 4 panel board was installed. The panel board was complete with power monitoring equipment linked to the BMS enabling the client to have a real time view of his power usage.
Metering equipment

The sub main distribution boards around the site were all monitored via power meters, thus giving the client the ability to view the loads to individual areas lighting, power clean and power dirty and HVAC.
Thus allowing the facilities manager to quantify and allocate costs of overhead to each department giving a true reflection of cost per department rather than a shared portion of cost.

These metering devices were also linked to the BMS to allow the real time viewing of load.

Data installation

Data InstallationThe data installation was installed using CAT5e cabling to all RJ45 outlets, the method of installation and containment was via wire basket. The basket was fitted under the floors and above the ceilings using a number of fixing techniques.

The data cables were then taken from the basket to the data outlet using flexible conduits thus enabling the installation to be dynamic and variable.

Data cables were taken back to the patch panel and the cabinets and at this location they were installed in expanding socks to guarantee that installation was neat and tidy.

Disabled alarm system

The installation of disabled alarms to the disabled toilets was required, to give greater security to the client and the disabled person, repeater panels were installed to the central security office to enable a 24 hour watch of these areas.

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